2022, aluminum, arduino equipment, pla cloth ‘Stay Connected, Stay Productive’ is an interactive piece for the "Beyond Fear" exhibition in Tinos, exploring the pervasive nature of our digital lives and the impact of smartphones on personal interactions. The sculpture symbolizes technology's omnipresence, resembling cell phone antennas. Generated by AI, the text and sound highlight how our data shapes machines that dictate our actions. The artwork prompts reflection on the influence of technology, questioning our independence in the digital age. The piece poses a poignant question: Do you feel independent? The pressure to always be available online triggers dopamine release, reinforcing dependence. Striving for perfection in our digital personas can lead to dissatisfaction with reality. Set in Tinos, where limited signal coverage breaks digital dependency, the artwork urges us to reassess our connection to technology. It calls for regaining control over data-driven orders and rediscovering genuine human connections.