Sound sculpture installation developed during the FUGA residency in ETOPIA Centre of Technology and Arts, Zaragoza, Spain, 2019-2020>
In collaboration with the composer Filippos Raskovic

CONTROLLABILITY  | Sculptures are used as live instruments and the sounds are being controlled by a performer. Each instrument has a speaker implanted inside and each sculpture is assigned a different channel allowing the performer to have control of each one separately.
ORCHESTRA | The sounds generated from the sculptures compliment each other creating a sound mass in the room. Just like each individual instrument in a symphony orchestra contributes to the final sound, each sculpture is perceived as an instrument.
ECHO/AMPLIFICATION ETC | The Echo Chambers are designed in a way that amplify, distort and filter the sounds that come from inside them. The sound generated are of pure nature so that they allow the sculptor to compliment the natural frequencies and sonorities of the sculpture. Furthermore the speakers used are diffuser, which means that the sculpture is the only acoustic and resonating  body.
PERFORMANCE  | The piece is a live performance and lasts c. 60 minutes.The musicians control the sounds creating a beginning to end narrative. The sculptors are hanged from the ceiling and placed around the room.  The audience is free to walk around the room, close to the sculptors and sit down.
White noise and Percussive sounds | White noise allows to project the sympathetic frequencies of the sculptor is each purest form therefore a variation and an exploration using sound like these was done. Also in order to bring out the resonances of the objects in another manner, the use of percussive and granular sounds were used.
In 2017 Dimitris was working in his studio when accidently left his phone inside the sculpture while experimenting with the flashlight. The phone unexpectedly rang and the resonances that were produced surprised him and sparked the idea for Echo Chambers. Dimitris was looking to explore the piece with a collaborator, more specifically a sound artist. During this time Filippos was exploring, through electroacoustic processes the sonic world of  emulating natural sounds in a distorted form. Drawing sonic inspirations from rubbing, scraping on any other kind of action on different material( clay, sand, water etc).
Collaboration process ---- On 2019 met Dimitris and Filippos while working on another project. Through their discussions and exchange of ideas Dimitris described  his vision for the work in progress Echo Chambers and the collaboration found its first roots.

︎graphic design by Lazaros Tzovaras