“The antenna motherboard of the laugh of the Medusa, an example of a disagreeable personalization about a girl that punished by her goddess” aluminium, pla & zinc 2023
NON VOLATILE, curated by @faidra.v at @amphicar_studio @mariliakol
Photos by @k_moschou @boemlifestyle
Curator’s approach:
In Chemistry, the term volatile is used for substances that tend to evaporate easily, while in Computer Science the volatile memory is translated as the random access memory or RAM. In both fields, we encounter multiple and multi-layered sets of relationships that are intertwined and interdependent, just like in a miniature model of the Art scene.
The exhibition NON VOLATILE explores our artistic entity in a nexus of a community that is constantly changing, transforming, altering and reshaping itself. How do we react to the massiveness, recycling and toxicity that sometimes defines the field of Art? In what ways do we manage to survive, individually and collectively, without evaporating?