Krama is a music festival aiming to present an alternative outlook within the independent music scene, bringing together free improvisation with contemporary classical and experimental electronic music. To realize this idea, Krama invites music acts based in Athens and London to perform and explore their commonalities through an extraordinary aesthetic discourse.

The festival is the outcome of synergies established amongst independent groups across Athens and London.


Krama is an artistic sound system designed especially for Krama Festival . It visualizes the values and ideas of the festival. The sculpture appears as a dyadic operator. The minimalist metal structure as a divine, totemic form is immobilized and frozen in time. Geometric and strict it reflects the stability and  robustness found in a work based on rules and structures.

On the contrary, its organic form is in constant movement, and seems to transform in time and space. Its need is to enter dynamically, and transfigure the archaic structure with intuition as its guide.

This hybrid being out of these two principles will express its existence through speech and music.

Speaker set: inox, ceramic, plaster


Design and constract: Un.processedrealities